Curriculum Vitae (open in pdf)

Salvatore Patera, Sociologist and Ph.D in Education. Currently, I’m biennal post-doc research fellow at INVALSI (Istituto Nazionale Valutazione Sistema Educativo di Istruzione e Formazione). Previously I was adjunct professor in degree and post-degree courses for M-PED/03 e M-PED/04. I was post-doc research fellow in “Participatory evaluation/planning of socio-educational interventions” at the Department of History, Society and Human Studies - University of Salento. My research’ topics are: 
• Participatory design and evaluation of educational interventions in formal, non-formal and informal contexts. 
• Lifelong, Lifewide, Lifedeep Learning, Third and Fourth Mission of the University.
I’m a founding member and Vice-President of “Espéro” s.r.l. (Spin-off University of Salento). I’m a founding member and President of “Innovars - Association of spinoffs and startups”. I’m Vice-President of “Red Iberoamericana de Animación Sociocultural (nodo Ecuador). I was Visiting Researcher at the CSIC-CCHS-IPP in Madrid and I was Visiting Professor at University of Zaragoza (Spain), Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (Ecuador), Universidad PUCRS in Porto Alegre (Brasil). As Invited researcher, I’m member of the Research Group: GICCEES - Grupo de Investigación de Ciencias de la Educación Superior – Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (Ecuador). Counselor professional, certified member of SIAF (PU367P-CG). 
2017- Granting “Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale” professore universitario di seconda fascia, settore concorsuale: 11/D2 “Didattica, pedagogia speciale e ricerca educativa” (First Round 2017).

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