Salvatore (Toto) Patera, (1977) attended “Classical High School” and graduated in Sociology, Communication and Media, at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. During the first years of his graduate studies, he has developed an interest for social research grown thanks to the articipation into several cultural initiatives and research activities among: C.E.I.R.S Students-Researchers Group; Prof. M. Canevacci (Dissolvenze – Short Movie-1997); Prof. D. De Masi (Group Rashomonpixel: “I capi senza tribù. Il caso” – 2000). Until 2007, he had collaborated regularly with the Chair of Sociology of Tourism, prof. V. Nocifora, Dept. Ri.S.Me.S,  where he graduated (Final Essay published: S. Patera, Salento. Scenari della diversità,Amaltea, Melpignano, 2007) participating in and coordinating various research and intervention projects focused on community empowerment, welfare community in different italian areas (Monti Picentini, Salento, Montepulciano di Siena, Nord-Molise) among the others: Esopo Group (2002) “L‘organizzazione dell’impresa turistica. Il STL di Montepulciano“; (2004); ”Il Salento e le sue specificità territoriali“; (2005); “Il Stl dei Monti Picentini“; (2006); ”Analisi di un sistema turistico in potenza: Il Nord del Molise.

Since 2004, Toto had been studied research’ methodologies and techniques and data mining, attending courses and workshop in “Multivariate statistical analysis package with SPAD 4.5 and SPADT” and “Techniques of content analysis: software LEXICO3 and TALTAC” at CEDDIS (University “La Sapienza” of Rome).

In 2005, under the scientific supervision of prof. N. Stame and E. Nocifora, Toto carried out a research for the Osservatorio Metropolitano Romano.

In the roman period, he started to be interested into processes of empowerment and participation, animating and promoting networks of collaboration on many projects. From 2002 to 2006 was member of IRSEA (Rome) and from 2006 to 2008 Toto founded the Jocanda B&B art (Bed and Breakfast with a Laboratory of Contemporary Art) –

Meanwhile, in academic field, he followed, with a fellow, Master II liv. Bisogni sociali e progettazione dell’abitare (Ateneo Federato Spazio e Società) University “La Sapienza” of Rome. Stage in 2006 at the Municipality of Rome (Mun. XIX) U.O. 4 – Sector Local Sustainable and Participatory Development, he leaded a research with a interdisciplinary team related to the preliminary study for the integral development project for Contratto di Quartiere “Quartaccio-Torresina” Roma.

Also in 2006, he wes selected in an international call attending the Workshop of participatory design “Bajo el mismo techo” in La Habana (Cuba). The workshop was directed by Facultad de Arquitectura “ISPJAE” La Habana, Grupo para el Desarrollo Integral de la Capital, Heritage Comunidad Sociedad Civil y Medio Ambiente and Politecnico of Milan. It was produced preliminary study and some projects within the Plan Integral of  Cayo Hueso and Barrio Chino. Publicated, an essay of collected writings on the work made into the workshop: (2009) S. Patera, El equivocal de la participation, from a Cuban Diary, in A. Nufrio (eds). Since 2008 is member of the Laboratorio di Cooperazione allo Sviluppo“at the Politecnico di Milano (Di.AP – Faculty of Architecture). The experiences of fieldwork and ethnographic dimension in the study of local processes for Community Empowerment, moving reflection and action on issues of design-evaluation of participation and local development.

During these years, Toto Patera, as project consultant, had been involved into several national and EU funds projects both for public and private stakeholders in the area of community engagement. He improved this field of study by participating into several courses and seminars (Introduction to participatory design, IFOC, Bari, (2008); S-Gis, Sistema de Informacion Territorial – Oficina del Historiador – Havana, Cuba) Università Roma 3, Rome, (2008); several courses of “Project Planning”, ITech Incubator – BICLazio – Euro Info Center, Rome, (2007).

In 2007 Toto worked for ISTAT – City of Rome as sampler for investigations EU/SILC-07: Living conditions of families.

Also in 2007, he collaborated with Prof. N. Leotta, (UniMiB), for the Soundscape World Project– and as a speaker at the Seminar of Studies “Paesaggi Sonori e progettazione urbana“, organized by Professor Salvatore Colazzo, arrives at the Dept. of Pedagogical, Psychological, Educational Sciences, University of Salento, where he currently works within the interdisciplinary team “Il Connettivo” that aroses around the teachings of that professor. In 2007, gets a supplementary contract teaching in “Pedagogy of  Media and Communication” Faculty of Social, Politics, Territorial Sciences, University of Salento. For a.a. 2008-09 he’s Adjunct Professor in “Didattica della Comunicazione e del Lavoro di Gruppo“, Faculty of  Sciences of Education – University of Salento.

The dialogue between education and sociology in the frame of the partecipative research-action approach, results in numerous activities on issues of joint planning and co-evaluation of interventions. Among others: “Grillo Parlante: The collaborative experience of writing a newspaper” (PON Scuola F1) Galatina (Le) 2008, Project Progetto SUD-EST, PON 2000-2006 – Asse III,   (Università del Salento, Accademia di Belle Arti, Conservatorio T. Schipa, Lecce), with a social research on the Balance; CO.IN.FO. (Torino) Social Research entitled “Governance dei servizi: nuove tecnologie dell’informazione e della comunicazione” (GAL – Gargano, Foggia). Carries out regular teaching activities and courses for Master of all levels.

Since 2009, is member of Ampiamente (Salentini Trainers Association) and co-founding member and Vice-President of the Spin-Off Company “EspérO s.r.l. – University of Salento. In 2009 with Salvatore Colazzo published, Verso un’ecologia della partecipazione, Amaltea, Melpignano, 2009.

In the three year (2010-2013) he attended PhD studies in Education (systemic device of Partecipative research-action for empowering dialogue between communities and institutions). Thanks to this experience he had grown wiser on social change thinkable in a dialogic framework and not simply as a dialectic and romantic way. In this sense he lacked a moralistic position common to the left partyes choosing the way of testifying the social ch’ange starting the revolution from his daily life.

Before  this option for sociology and education, as tools for co-designing and co-evaluating changes through a dialogic framework, he had participated actively in the political life of his town, Veglie, co-founding the Sinistra Giovanile in 1996 and becaming President of Consulta Comunale “Giovani” e “Cultura” in 1997.

Folk’n’roll enthusiast, he plays guitar, harp, spoons and, if everything goes well, violin. He has played with bands and musicians in various exhibitions in Italy (including Final ArezzoWave Basilicata 2007, Emergency 2007, Estate Romana 2005). Between the groups (Mililtia, Allegra Brigada Bodhran, Sjrah, Scijiati Band – sociologisalentini, Terra pi Ciciri, John Goodman Experience. In his young path of writing, he was editor of “Officina” and “La terra dei Ceci”. He has published for AR (Association of Architects, Rome and Prov.) and currently collaborates with the magazine Amaltea. Patera Toto speaks English and Spanish fluently .

Toto is a tireless traveller joining work and leisure during his journeys alla round the world.