Visiting researcher presso il CSIC di Madrid – CCHS (Cientro Ciencias humanas y sociales) – IPP (Instituto Bienes y Politicas Publicas) da gennaio ad aprile 2012

Tutor: Director Prof. J. Moréno Fuentes


El Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales (CCHS) del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas está integrado por seis institutos de investigación*:


The CSIC Institute of Public Goods and Policies (IPP) continue and advance the research project of former Advanced Social Studies Institute (IESA) (1987-1999) and CSIC Comparative Politics and Policy Unit (1999-2007). The mission of the Institute is to advance knowledge in a specific domain of the relationship between the society, the market and the state. The objective will be to go deeply into the comparative analysis and understanding of the nature of a singular type of goods, public and collective goods, as well as the processes of definition and implementation of public policies and their mutual interactions. It is a major goal of the Institute to produce knowledge that can be used and evaluated by the scientific community, as well as knowledge relevant for social actors, institutions and governments.